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The cost of a second chance might be more than I’m able to pay…

Chance Alden was my first love. My first everything

Too bad that didn’t stop him from abandoning me to chase his country music dreams.

Losing him nearly destroyed me, but I eventually moved on. I assumed I’d never see him again.

Imagine my surprise when he showed up in our small town, broken, needing my help.

See, Chance thinks I have the songs his dead best friend wrote—songs that will revive his career. 

He doesn’t know they’re actually mine. I wrote them. And I’m suing his record label for the rights.

The bigger problem is that having him here is opening old wounds. Reminding me of everything we lost. 

Everything we still feel. 

But I learned my lesson long ago. We can never be. So, I’ll help him with the music. Then I’ll let him go. Again.

Because if I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that I’d have better luck catching lightning in a bottle than getting a happily ever after with Chance Alden…

Lightning in a Bottle, book 1 in the Hot Southern Nights series, is an emotional, steamy, single mom/famous hero contemporary romance with a guaranteed HEA. Download today and get ready to fall for Chance and Truly.

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They don’t know they’ve spent the past five years falling in love…

Widowed, single father, Hudson seems to have the Midas touch. He runs a successful movie studio, his daughter is on the fast track to an Ivy League college, and he has the best friends a guy can ask for.

The truth is, he’s holding it together with duct tape, determination, and help from a single mom in an online support group.
She doesn’t know his real name, but they have a bond forged in worrying about first crushes, bullying, and college entrance exams. She’s been his rock, his confidant, the voice of reason in the craziness of raising a teen daughter.

They’ve never met, but he knows her better than he knows himself…

So she can’t be the same woman as the rainbow-wearing, redhead, hired to run his new employee wellness program. And there’s no way she’s the crazy mom demanding to join his single dads’ crew. And she certainly can’t be the woman his teen daughter set him up with…

Can she?

Breaking Dad is a full-length second-chance romance loaded with parent-trapping teens, Ryan Gosling memes, girls’ night in shenanigans, and all the feels.

This is book 1 in the Single Dads Gone Wild Series. Each one can be read as a standalone. Happily Ever After guaranteed!

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Gabe Marchionni, New Orleans’ most eligible bachelor, has a problem…
…and it’s wrapped in a pink blanket.

What in the heck is the reluctant new head of a mafia family supposed to do with an infant?

For anyone else it would be simple. But with enemies around every corner, Gabe can’t exactly go find the woman he dumped years ago and convince her to give him a second chance.

Not when it means putting her life in danger.

Maggie Guthrie is broke, exhausted, and raising her deceased sister’s kids. She’s also a reporter by day and desperately needs to get the scoop on one of the most illustrious families in the French Quarter, the Marchionnis…
…even if that means exposing decades of blackmail, extortion, and worse.

So when Gabe, her ex-whatever-the-heck-he-was, shows up on her doorstep with a newborn and a proposition she should refuse, Maggie knows better than to let him into her house…
…and into her life.

Especially when, falling for him again might cost her more than her heart.

Absinthe Minded is a humorous second chance romance filled with new dad fails, serious groveling, and five delicious Italian brothers–who want nothing more than to leave the “family business” behind them.

- About Kathryn -

Kathryn M. Hearst: Where Worlds Unfold and Hearts Entwine. 

Known for her vibrant ensemble casts, intricate storytelling, and characters that feel like old friends, Kate’s books are more than reads; they’re journeys. Step into her richly woven worlds and become part of the story. 

Based in the heart of North Carolina, Kate shares her home with her loyal chocolate lab, Jolene, and two rescued sidekicks, Jagger and Roxanne. 

Discover your next unforgettable romance in the pages of a Kathryn M. Hearst novel. 

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