writing as K. M. Hearst

Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy

Magic & mayhem, I can handle. Two men determined to claim me?
Not so much.

The Tessa Lamar Novels are set in a fiction version of the Central Florida I grew up in. Back then there were more orange trees than tourists and dirt roads led home. The characters are close to my heart, as some are based on my real life family members (names have been changed to protect the guilty.)  

You’ll love these Southern-fried Paranormal Romances, because beneath the fantasy is a different kind of magic…the magic of family and sacrifice and acceptance.

Vampires like you’ve never seen them… 0% glitter, 100% badassery.

Set in New Orleans and various locations in Italy, the Immortal  Reign series are steamy urban fantasies with strong heroines and swoon worthy heroes.  I first began writing these stories back in the 1990’s while playing Vampire the Masquerade with a group of friends. It took me years to finally organize the pieces and parts into a five book series.

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