Melting Jack Frost

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Jack Frost, yes, that Jack Frost, missed his chance with Ginger when they were teenagers… But she’s returned to Holly Valley, and he’s determined to win her back. Can a cocky Winter Elf, a salty old wizard, and a food-motivated reindeer restore Ginger’s beliefs in Christmas and in love?

You’ll fall in love with this Christmas novella, because everyone loves a hot elf fighting for a second chance.

What Readers say

Doctor Heartbreaker - This story gripped me from the first chapter and held me until the very sweet epilogue.
Doctor Heartbreaker - This book had me all up in my feelings. Second chance romances are one if my all time favorite tropes, and this one was just done so beautifully!!
-Jenifer A.
Melting Jack Frost - A mix of humor, romance, and a sprinkling of intrigue makes for a wicked good time.
-George K.
Melting Jack Frost - A retelling of the Gift of the Magi with Jack Frost and his childhood sweetheart. I loved the characters. Donner cracked me up. And Santa was wow.
-Amazon Reviewer

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