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Bourbon Street Bad Boys' Club - Book 4

This series can be read in any order.

Leo Marchionni, New Orleans’ most reclusive bachelor, has a two-year-old secret…

…who looks a heck-of-a-lot like him.

After becoming a father, Leo made the impossible decision to hide his son from the world in order to protect him from the mafia. It’s been a year since Leo left the mob, and he’s more than ready to claim his family. The problem is…

…he hasn’t spoken to the mother of his child – and love of his life – for months. She has no freaking idea he’s been seeing his kid almost every day. Worst still, she’s moved on, and her current romance is headline news.

Dahlia Calhoun’s entire life revolves around her young son and her father’s presidential campaign. She doesn’t have time for drama, and she certainly doesn’t have time to pine over the man who broke her heart.

But a little closure would be nice. Unfortunately, Dahlia’s idea of closure is one hot goodbye kiss.

When photos of the governor’s daughter kissing a former mobster surface, Leo and Dahlia’s lives will never be the same. Between a seriously twisted stalker, an angry campaign manager, and a jilted-fake-fiancé the star-crossed lovers are drowning in a scandal tsunami.

Add a rambunctious two-year-old to the mix, and let’s just say the environment isn’t exactly romantic. Leo’s going to need some major creativity, and every ounce of charm he can muster, to get his second chance at love.

You’ll love this romantic comedy chocked full of suspense, because everyone loves a bad boy trying to be a good dad.


What Readers Say

This book has you soaking up the sights and sounds of New Orleans and totally wrapped up in the big and loud Marchionni Family.
This book was heartwarming, unexpected and a pleasure to read.
- Morrigan Blackwood
Ms. Hearst has woven a great family story of five brothers and the woman they love infused with snark, humor and family. Highly recommended
-Kia B
Never have I ever read a Mafia book quite like this one!!!
-Amazon Review
Thought-provoking and memorable dialogue. "Then again, my parents were old-school Sicilian. My mother could guilt the devil into turning down the heat...’"
-Amazon Reviewer
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