Blood Awakening

Immortal Reign Series - Book 2

This series should be read in order.

Courtesan, assassin, bartender on Bourbon Street –for a vampire, Gia has had some seriously messed up jobs. She thought she’d seen it all, especially when it came to men. However, no amount of on the job training could have prepared her to become the rope in a game of tug-of-war between two powerful vampires…

The thing is, following her heart could end in bloodshed – including hers.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, someone or something is killing her friends in the most horrific ways possible.

On the bright side, hunting down monsters, and cleaning up a trail of bodies, is far more important than relationship issues. A woman has to keep her priorities straight, after all.

Unfortunately, the biggest monster of all is one she never saw coming.

You’ll adore this urban fantasy series, because everyone loves a tale of true love conquering all…including death.


What Readers Say

Brutal, cruel, tender and sexy - A story of choices and long-lasting consequences of frivolous decisions and the impact of your choices on those you love. ★★★★★
-Amazon Reviewer
An enjoyable and sexy vampire novel with a new twist, great defined characters, and gorgeous descriptions. If you're a fan of the original few Vampire Chronicles or first sixish Anita Blake books, this is definitely something you'd enjoy!
-Amazon Reviewer
This promises to be one highly addictive series!! It's one riveting and thrilling suspense filled novel. Add in a love that is both rocky and everlasting and you have a series that captures your heart.
-M. Fritz
If you are a fan of vampire novels then I highly suggest you grab this book. It has so much uniqueness to it and it will keep you entertained to the end. I can't wait to learn what happens next!
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