Blood Reign

Immortal Reign Series - Book 5

This series should be read in order.

Since emerging from the grave as an immortal, Bianca was warned to hide her extraordinary gifts—even from those closest to her. But when Bianca risks exposure to save her mother, she starts a chain reaction that threatens to destroy herself and everyone she loves.

Destined to rule the Aether, Blaise must find the fabled Scion in order to save his people. With a war raging, a young child missing, and friends dying, Blaise must convince the world’s most stubborn woman of her destiny before it’s too late.

The final installment to the Immortal Reign series, Blood Reign, is a steamy, action-packed ride to save two realms and the hearts of two lonely souls.


What Readers Say

Brutal, cruel, tender and sexy - A story of choices and long-lasting consequences of frivolous decisions and the impact of your choices on those you love. ★★★★★
-Amazon Reviewer
An enjoyable and sexy vampire novel with a new twist, great defined characters, and gorgeous descriptions. If you're a fan of the original few Vampire Chronicles or first sixish Anita Blake books, this is definitely something you'd enjoy!
-Amazon Reviewer
This promises to be one highly addictive series!! It's one riveting and thrilling suspense filled novel. Add in a love that is both rocky and everlasting and you have a series that captures your heart.
-M. Fritz
If you are a fan of vampire novels then I highly suggest you grab this book. It has so much uniqueness to it and it will keep you entertained to the end. I can't wait to learn what happens next!
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