Breaking Dad

Single Dads Gone Wild

This series can be read in any order.

They don’t know they’ve spent the past five years falling in love…

Widowed, single father, Hudson seems to have the Midas touch. He runs a successful movie studio, his daughter is on the fast track to an Ivy League college, and he has the best friends a guy can ask for.

The truth is, he’s holding it together with duct tape, determination, and help from a single mom in an online support group.
She doesn’t know his real name, but they have a bond forged in worrying about first crushes, bullying, and college entrance exams. She’s been his rock, his confidant, the voice of reason in the craziness of raising a teen daughter.

They’ve never met, but he knows her better than he knows himself…

So she can’t be the same woman as the rainbow-wearing, redhead, hired to run his new employee wellness program. And there’s no way she’s the crazy mom demanding to join his single dads’ crew. And she certainly can’t be the woman his teen daughter set him up with…

Can she?

Breaking Dad is a full-length second-chance romance loaded with parent-trapping teens, Ryan Gosling memes, girls’ night in shenanigans, and all the feels.

This is book 1 in the Single Dads Gone Wild Series. Each one can be read as a standalone. Happily Ever After guaranteed!


What Readers Say

Oh my gosh, just fell head over heels for this author, and this series!
-Amazon Reviewer
Feel good feel good book, made me laugh , cry and steam with anger all at the same time, wonderful characters excellent writing.
- Book Sprout Reviewer
Sweet, funny, emotional stories of two people trying to raise their children, live their lives and fall in love.
- BookSprout Reviewer
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