Dad Reputation

Single Dads Gone Wild

This series can be read in any order.

She doesn’t give a darn about his bad reputation…his Dad Reputation is another story.

At forty-one, I have my life together. I’m a wildly successful PR manager, the mom of seventeen-year-old twin boys, and I have some amazing friends…
But it’s all a lie. Well, most of it anyway.

I hate my job, my kids are driving me crazy, and I lost my mind and slept with Sully, my best friend.

It’s been awkward, but Sully and I decided we’re better off as friends without benefits. More like he decided, and I agreed for the sake of our friendship. I get it. I do. He’s close with my ex-husband and our sons. Plus, he’s in the middle of a custody battle.

Sully can’t afford a scandal right now, and the secret I’m carrying has the potential to make Pompeii look like a backyard barbeque.

Ending up in bed with my best friend was never part of the plan.

Who am I kidding? There was no plan. It was supposed to be one night of forgetting about my problems, of losing myself in her touch. Evidently, what happens in the hotel room doesn’t stay in the hotel room.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve loved Meri since Kurt Cobain fronted Nirvana. I’ve spent the last six weeks trying to convince both of us we’re better off as friends…

And that’s the problem.

There’s no going back to the friend zone when I can’t get our night together out of my head.

Dad Reputation is a full-length friends-to-lovers romance filled with parenting fails, pregnant-mama-drama, and two teenagers determined to keep a secret of their own.

This is book 4 in the Single Dads Gone Wild Series. Each one can be read as a standalone. Happily Ever After guaranteed!


What Readers Say

Oh my gosh, just fell head over heels for this author, and this series!
-Amazon Reviewer
Feel good feel good book, made me laugh , cry and steam with anger all at the same time, wonderful characters excellent writing.
- Book Sprout Reviewer
Sweet, funny, emotional stories of two people trying to raise their children, live their lives and fall in love.
- BookSprout Reviewer
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