The Spirit Child

Tessa Lamar Novels - Book 3

This series should be read in order.

As a part-time shrink, full-time psychic, and one of only two living Nunnehi–the Cherokee equivalent to a fairy—I have my hands full.

The last thing I need is to take on a new patient…especially when said patient is a psychically gifted nine-year-old pageant queen, who happens to have confessed to murdering her stepfather.

Honestly, how can I, a woman without a flicker of maternal instinct, help a little girl who’s a cross between Honey Booboo and the Long Island Medium?

But how can I say no? It’s not like I can Google “Magic wielding mental health therapists” and find someone else to see her. Besides, it’s a temporary situation. It’s not like I’m going to adopt her…well not right now anyway.

It turns out, the kiddo is the least of my problems. Orange County PD called me in to help catch a child-killer. One of his ghostly victims followed me home, and the obnoxious spirit refuses to leave.

My mates and I can’t seem to agree on the color of the sky, let alone how to build a life together. How can our relationship survive an invisible teen-aged roommate?

Better question, can I risk my life to stop a murderer without risking my heart to a pint-sized psychic?

You’ll love this Paranormal Romance with a Southern twist, because beneath the fantasy is a different kind of magic…the magic of family and sacrifice and acceptance.


What Readers Say

I found it HIGHLY Entertaining and easy to read! The young lady uses witty remarks while trying to forget what her life has become. This is one book you will not want to miss reading.
-C. Stevens
I was hooked the minute I started and didn't stop until I turned the last page. Mystery, intrigue, carefully woven plot lines, great characters and a world that is both all too human and still believably mystical; this book does it all and does it well.
-Amazon Reviewer
This is a great story, filled with true, full Southern characters and strong women who pull you in, sit you down and feed you until you burst. The humour is excellent.
-K. Smillie
Oh my gosh, just fell head over heels for this author, and this series!
-Amazon Reviewer
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