Tessa Lamar Novels

Paranormal Romance with a Southern Twist

The Tessa Lamar Novels are set in a fiction version of the Central Florida I grew up in. Back then there were more orange trees than tourists and dirt roads led home. The characters are close to my heart, as some are based on my real life family members (names have been changed to protect the guilty.)  

You’ll love these Southern-fried Paranormal Romances, because beneath the fantasy is a different kind of magic…the magic of family and sacrifice and acceptance.

This series should be read in order.

Magic & mayhem, I can handle. Two men determined to claim me? Not so much.

This southern girl had plans–big ones–but they went up in smoke the day I died.

Not only did I take a bullet to the heart and ruin my Gram’s favorite cast-iron skillet, I turned into a flaming-freaking-bird.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I’m fighting for my life against a conjurer who wants to kill me, Tribal Elders who want to manipulate me, my crazier-than-a-bat mother, wolves, snakes, and one-heck-of-a pissed off ghost…

Don’t even get me started on the blue-eyed detective and the Cherokee body guard determined to use me as the quarter in their coin toss to see which one claims me.

It’s a good thing I was raised by two tough as nails Southern Ladies, otherwise I’d never survive.

What Readers Say

I found it HIGHLY Entertaining and easy to read! The young lady uses witty remarks while trying to forget what her life has become. This is one book you will not want to miss reading.
-C. Stevens
I was hooked the minute I started and didn't stop until I turned the last page. Mystery, intrigue, carefully woven plot lines, great characters and a world that is both all too human and still believably mystical; this book does it all and does it well.
-Amazon Reviewer
This is a great story, filled with true, full Southern characters and strong women who pull you in, sit you down and feed you until you burst. The humour is excellent.
-K. Smillie
Oh my gosh, just fell head over heels for this author, and this series!
-Amazon Reviewer
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